e-Dwarpal is an innovative visitor entry management system based upon OTP & QR codes. Currently it is designed for events for guest entry management & personalized guest welcome & display system.

The host will have full control & information on the entry of its guests, they will be allowed to enter the event through OTP & QR codes shared with them along the invitation to ensure safety & security of the entire event. The guest will have to verify themselves at e-Dwarpal welcome kiosk by scanning their QR code or entering the OTP shared with them, a snapshot will be captured during the verification process.

To add entertainment & excitement the system will automatically capture the movement of the guest after the verification process & the guest entry video will be displayed on a large LED screen along with personalized welcome message for the guest.

e-Dwarpal Welcome Kiosk

How it works? e-Dwarpal can be customized as per the needs for visitor entry management system for offices, factories, residential buildings & societies etc. To get e-Dwarpal installed at your event of for any further queries, kindly contact us.